Anne De Clercq - Nomad Paulette


Nomad -Paulette is an online shop with all the stuff I really like .

I‘m in love with houses, decoration, wabi sabi style , Marrakech , bohemian style , the rough countries of Italy (and their wine & food of course ,  their language and their materials ,,,

After many years in fashion retail I decided to concentrate on a new life, one with more freedom ;;;

The passion for interior is growing every day so I wanted to share this with you , but only in a digital way this time,

Nevertheless the passion for fashion is still there as well the passion for our own brand maison-auguste


Nomad is chosen because of my driven character to always search for new challenges,Paulette is the name of my mom, who is my muse and inspiration even now the dementia has almost taken everything of her,

She’s in an elderly home but she isn’t there , she’s in a nice app with nice neighbours ,

When I’m there I must think of the great movie “la vita e bella”, we are playing that movie,,,what I want to tell you , always look at the bright side of life ,,,,